09 July 2012

Make your own stratched canvas (part 2 of 2)

Here are some pictures of my weekend project which I finished on Sunday.
The first part can be read here.

This is the part where I get my hands on some power tools.
The wooden 90cm x 60cm frame was cut using a router.

I couldn't find my earmuffs. Not a good idea to use the router without one for long periods of time because it's really loud when it touches and cuts the wood.
I ran the router along the inner edges to smooth it out so that the canvas rolls over it nicely.

Done cutting. 
Time to use the sander to take out all the sharp edges.
It worked like a charm.

The framed is finished and the canvas can now be stretched.
I found some cotton fabric upstairs and cut out the amount I need.
And since it was so damn wrinkly I had to iron it out.

So now it looks a lot better.
Using the nailgun I stapled the cloth onto the frame and stretching it as I go along. I had to make sure that I wasn't stretching too much since the canvas will be gessoed (say jess-oed).
Gesso is a liquid substance that's painted over raw canvas to provide a steady foundation for the paint.

The finished canvas.
A lot of work, but it wasn't too difficult.
Worth every minute :)

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