22 July 2012

I wish for less drama

What happens the moment I sit at the PC after a long week and connect to the internet? I see and read drama. It's like discovering a wet sticky sheet of tissue between my fingers. How did it get there? And why the hell is it even there? Now I have to shake it off and as much as I want to let it go so I don't offend anyone, I now know that I am done being "too nice".

1. Soooo you want it 
Okay, so whatever it is that you want, we all know already. There's no need to repeat it over and over. I mean, hey, I want a lot of things too, do I keep telling the world that I want it? No, I'd rather work on it so I even have a chance to get it.

2. Sooo you don't want it 
Okay, again, whatever it is that you don't want and have made clear, is just what it is: very clear. So you don't want it. So you tell the world (and readers like me get to hear about it) over and over again that you don't want it. Okay, I get it. I don't want to hear it anymore either but do I have a choice?  

3. Sooo you're afraid of it
We all have fears don't we? Yes, yes, we all do. Tell us a million times even if we already know and really, honestly do not want to hear it anymore. What are you going to do about it instead of just talking about it?

4. Sooo you hate it.
It's easy. Hating is easy. I know that too.
Whatever it is that you hate, you want to destroy it, you want to decapitate it, you want it to suffer, you want to ignite it in flames so that it stops breathing down your neck, shouting in your ears or sledgehammering in your brain.
And I'll tell you what I hate: useless information and drama and everything around it. So... what if I tell you that 100000000000000-infinity more times.

5. Sooo you don't want it AND you hate it
I keep asking myself... isn't it enough to not want something without having to hate it? Apparently not. These two belong together. They stick and feed each other two things: fear and hate. A monster that only grows bigger.
For the first time it's informative when I know about someone who hates something/someone and doesn't want it in any possible way. I can understand.
And then I hear it again. I can still understand.
And then I hear it again. I haven't forgotten.
And then I hear it again! That's it... sticky wet tissue between my fingers that I am about to flick into the next (sur)face I see.

6. Sooo you don't want it AND you're afraid of it AND you hate it!
Oh my God! (Whatever you perceive him to be or not to be.)
This is the evil that we will all die from. It is painful... to my eyes, to my ears, to my brain for having to process the same damn information all over again.

Why do people do this?
What do they get out of it?
Please help me try to understand.


  1. For some people, it's in their nature to make a big deal out of everything. The best thing you can do is stay away from them.

    Happy fasting, Ira.

  2. I might have just developed some kind of drama detector. I can always sense it coming. You might know this word: rimas. And beyond.