02 July 2012

Good night

Being away from each other means going back to the old ways... to the time when we were only words to each other on screen.

I'm reading an Email from Michael which I just received this evening, and I'm glad that he's settled in at the hostel where he will be spending the next two weeks attending seminars.

We have a secret online chatroom called Vietnam where we can chat with each other at times.
It's a weird place, but it does it for now.

I'll miss him and his funny ways, but I'll also be making the best out of my holidays and my time alone. And I'm sure he'll have a lot of fun there too.
Our 7th anniversary is on the 8th of this month, which is in 5 days and I look forward to making one of our favourite dishes this weekend: Satay.

I will be watching The Exorcist tonight and making some more art.
Good night, readers.
Und gute Nacht, Sayang. Schlaf gut.

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