14 June 2012

Work in progress (Why do I paint skulls?)

It's 06:35AM here in Goslar as I begin writing this.. good morning :)

I have school in about 45 minutes but taking the time to update my progress. Sometimes I think, how difficult it really is to be comfortable while painting - physically. I've tried painting on the floor, at the easel, at the table and even at the sofa... I keep changing positions because after awhile it gets uncomfortable. I don't know if it's the location or if it's just the fact that I don't realize sitting for hours when I work.

I plan to finish this piece over the weekend, there's so many details that still belong in there. That feeling of wanting to paint this so much is like how you look forward to seeing your crush at work or in school... butterflies in your stomache.

One of my classmates asked me a few days ago: "Why do I keep painting skulls?"

And I told her that I paint skulls because what we usually see over them are faces... and faces are just superficial. When I see people, I don't see their faces first... I go deeper and I see sometimes pain, sometimes anger, at times loss and even emptiness. This reference to death strips away everything that is not who we are.

In society we straight away judge the moment we see someone's pretty or ugly face. We recognize their colour, their blood, their race, where they come from, what language they speak, what attitude they have and so on. It's a shame.

My figures aren't brown, yellow, black, or white... they don't have names and most of all they have no faces to judge from.
But they have eyes... because those are the windows to the soul. When I paint them in, they look back at me and tell me that everything will be fine. There's no interpretation of thought (judgement), no reaction (emotions and drama), and most of all no suffering.

So... this is why I paint skulls. For this collection anyway.

Now it's time to get ready. I think it's a little cold and grey outside... just like my mood this morning. There are two presentations I have to probably do today in front of the class... geez.
But we'll be watching a movie based on Nazism sometime during the lesson.

Til later :)

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