10 June 2012

Work in Progress: Made of Pain

Here's what I've been up to today, although it's only one of the many things I've done.
Today is a blessing and throughout it I went though one important change I had to make so I could carry on and let a phase come to pass.

I went into my studio yesterday, stood in it for a few minutes and decided to let go of this idea that I have an art studio. Over the months it felt to me, like a fence I had built for me to imprison myself in... it was nothing more than a 'thought'... it did nothing for my art.

That was neither inspirational nor motivational. So I stood there and decided I will take this 'fence' down. Then I took some art supplies I needed and went back down into my apartment.
I just needed space... space I don't have to label as 'studio' or 'workplace'... space I feel calm and centered in.

Painting keeps me focused... even my thinking just stops and I just want to keep going.
I feel relieved.
Even more now that my exams will soon be over which means more time to be creative.

This painting I'm working on is a bittersweet one... but I'll tell you more about it when it's done.
I spent about 3-4 hours taking my time on it today and as the week begins and the daily routines kick in, I can only imagine how much I look forward to coming home to it.

Going to bed now and hoping to have some more of my weirdest dreams.

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