08 June 2012

The Wolves

I'm thinking about my nightmare:
I have a house next to the forest and one night I see bright eyes in the distance coming out of the darkness moving towards me. And there are more and more of them. They get closer and then the bright lightning flashes and I see wolves. They were angry, they were hungry. Pale, dripping wet fur, each has maybe six legs.
They also see me - the split second light is enough. And they begin to run towards me.
I try to close the door I am standing at. It will not close. I try again, harder.
One of them reaches me and like knife through butter it claws at me from my left ear down to my legs.
I feel no pain and then it burns. And it doesn't stop burning.
And the dream was over.


  1. Very fascinating.

    Ira, I want you to look up a film called The Grey and watch it when you're free. It's an awesome film that works on many levels.

  2. Oh, I almost forgot. When the film's credits go up, stay till it ends.

  3. Ah... I get the relation. Yes, I saw the trailer and it seems interesting. Thanks.