07 June 2012

Tour of my Sims 3 home

Sims 3 is one of the best games I could be totally creative in. Let me take you a tour of the home my Sims currently live in and the home that I am planning to demolish and rebuild.

An empty garden, a trampoline, a weird entrance into the basement and an odd roof.

The kitchen is combined with the living room.

The turquoise kitchen with an island counter.

The fireplace in the background and a little TV in the far corner.
And my Sims are talking to each other, asking each other about how their day was.

This is the bathroom... hahah

The bedroom. This bed has glowy stuff underneath.

Ceiling-to-floor windows in the bedroom.

And the basement is where the two sports cars go.

The inspiration for this house was our hotel room in Berlin (when we were there last December). I loved how the room looked so much that I wanted to sort of 'relive' it in the game. And that's the good thing about Sims 3.

The game is full of wonderful building tools; you'd just have to let your imagination go sky high and beyond.

I'm working on a new one. Now that my Sims are filthy rich, I can practically afford the whole town. But I'm not aiming for a villa, but a cosy, modern, little house.

And then... maybe I'll come up with a new Sims 3 story. :)


  1. How many people are you stuffing into that house?

  2. Only 2 people.. but they invite other people over too and have parties and go crazy.