05 June 2012


I'm feeling so electrified today. Being spoken to about my artworks sent me chills down my spine. There are people here who want to see more of it. This entire artist's block that I'm going through lately is coming to an end. I've got my supplies at hand and my fresh canvases ready. I've been painting what I like but after each one I keep feeling worse.
I'm beginning to paint everything that's me and everything that inspires me -  a big wheel that keeps turning and keeps feeding on itself.
It's like being reborn. Over and over again.

In a way I'm trying to also make that unconscious transfer from thoughts to pictures... from thinking to experiencing and being and doing.
A different dimension.

There are still a couple of things I have to release (like heavy bags hanging from my neck) and then I wil be fine.
I'll make this final tomorrow.

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