19 May 2012


I had a dream a few nights ago... a really strange dream.
I saw my classmate slit her wrists and bleed.
"What are you doing?" I calmly asked.
She didn't answer.
"That's too much blood, let me help you stop it," I said.
She turned her back on me and said, "Leave me alone."
I took a 6-second moment of stillness. That was not like her.
I stared at the dark, almost black blood seeping out of her corpse-white skin.
And then I woke up.

This was last Wednesday. When I came to school she wasn't there.
I told the others about my dream and they were stunned.
Until today I can't reach her. None of us could.
I just hope she's alright coz she's been in a lot of stress lately, not only from work but from school and also from the others who sometimes make fun of her because she's overweight and because she admires me in some way... she prefers to sit next to me, be in the same group with me when we have group activities, and sometimes she goes a little bit over the border and does the same things I do... for instance, to the point that she copies from me, gets the same answers I have, gets criticised by the teacher (coz she'd rather copy down stuff instead of trying to figure out stuff herself) and then eventually gets made fun of by the others.

But I... never had a problem with her. I think she's nice and a million times more polite than the other maniacs we see everyday in class.
So... I don't know. It'd be really good though if she shows up for our German paper on Monday.

Update 21.05.2012: Loretta showed up. All is good :)

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  1. This is one of those moments when you genuinely scare me.

    You did say you have some sort of connection with strange things. If so, and you really want to help this girl, then do it. Is there a way to find out where she lives, or who has last seen her? Find her, Ira.