01 May 2012

Last day of the internship

Two folders filled with drawings from the kids at the kindergarten.

Rapunzel outside of her tower.

Spring flowers and butterflies.


Witch and a demon heart.

Personalized "Janimi" slingbag sewn for me by one of the parents.

Great talent and work. 
Visit her website to see more:

Thank you cards from colleagues and parents.

Dear Ira,
on behalf of all children and parents of Waldhaus Kindergarten, we would like to thank you for your excellent and heartwarming support.
We wish you all the best for the future.

€30 art-supply voucher

Dear Ira,
your internship with us passed too quickly.
We thank you for your help, your excellent work and your friendliness.
We wish you lots of success at school and we hope that we would see each other again soon.
- Roswitha, Melanie, Stephanie and Suzanne.

Everything I did yesterday at the Waldhaus Kindergarten, I did for the last time.
I've said my goodbyes, exchanged gifts, and received such an appreciation I do appreciate too. :)

The children drew me pictures, parents wrote thank you cards and gave me a gift voucher for me to go crazy in an art-supply shop with, and colleages gave me a home-sewn slingbag, which is so pretty I'd hesitate to use it, and a bicycle. Something I'd been wanting to use from September onwards when the whole two-year training starts. The one that would officially qualify me for the job.

My first seven months of work experience as intern and kindergarten teacher in Germany turned out really good. It made a good impression on me, and from the appreciation I had received - likewise.

It was such a weird feeling to say goodbye. The children kept asking why I had to leave, if I would ever come back, that I shouldn't even go because they find me nice. Well all good things come to an end too.

I've learned so much from this experience, also from my own mistakes. And it's really so interesting to know how ignorant I am sometimes to have overseen this or that potentially dangerous or avoidable situation. Things I would never have thought of if my colleagues hadn't made it clear to me.
Situations that make you think: Why didn't I think of that?

I still feel a bit unsure of deciding on this job, but it's probably because I'm sometimes too afraid to make mistakes. Just like in any life situation. But I am sure of it because it's the only way I can 'kill time' without having to deal with heavy dosages of office politics, drama, demanding bosses, smokers, alcoholics and deadlines. A good way to spend the day when you already look forward to it when you wake up.

My current internship's over and I'm now very glad that I have more time to focus on school and to prepare for the final exams that are coming in three weeks' time.
No idea if I still have the (mental) stamina for all that.

I feel very strange. Like my heart isn't pumping with enough pressure. Nauseous.


  1. I've lived 35 years and no one has ever given me an appreciation quite like that. You're one lucky girl.

    Good luck in your exams.

  2. In a Kindergarten it's just different. And the culture's another reason too. I think being thankful is a good thing.
    So thanks for the well-wishes. I'll give it my best.