02 May 2012

Hello Summer

So much light.
It's officially warm in Germany, but not officially summer time yet. But soon.
Leaves are starting to grow, flowers bloom, everything's turning green and blue and golden yellow.
The sun stays a little longer. A little bit longer as the days go by.

And it never fails to ruin my sleeping patterns. This is when it starts again.
I have to keep the light out!

So I went out last Saturday to get some fabric for a quick project - Curtains.

I received a sewing machine a few weeks ago from Micha's mum and put it to use.
I sew these curtains for the bedroom and living room windows, where the sun shines through first thing at 05:00 in the summer mornings.
We wanted the light to stay out and these curtains are now doing a wonderful job.

 My first selfmade curtains.

And since I had some fabric left in the end I also made a set for the bathroom.
Now I have some (darkness) peace while saving a load of money. :)


  1. I suggest you cover the pole where the curtain is hang, and the wall too to prevent more light from sipping in. Or you can just sleep in the bathroom

  2. Problem is, can't drill holes in walls coz that's gonna make me pay when I move out.
    So have to deal with ugly stick-on poles. Gross.

  3. you use black construction paper