26 April 2012

Show me your legs

I was flipping through a magazine in a waiting room and I saw a page full of models posing. They were tiny on the page, all in minidresses, showing legs, maybe 30 of them. Looking all the same. Standard product of the fashion industry.
So-called role models.
Contageous desperation.

Then they reminded me of the Barbie dolls I used to have, how I used to hold their heads over a garbage can while cutting off their long, perfect hair with a blunt pair of paper scissors. And how I used to cuddle them on the sofa, get bored and draw on their faces with paint and markers, pulling their heads off, stare and sticking them back on again.

When I see legs in miniskirts, minishorts, and minidresses I imagine breaking them at the knee one by one and they would make cracking sounds like salt sticks do.