15 April 2012

Saturday in Stockholm

I was in Stockholm yesterday.... a huge city. It had snowed that morning and it was raining when we arrived. Snow everywhere. And it was so wet.
Just... wet.
I had that near-death experience you get when you know that you could slip and fall on cold, hard stones any second now.

Spring was not around that day, but it's okay. The sight of snow was nice.

I took some of these pictures during a boat ride along the canals and bays. And some I took during the walks. I was more interested in the older stuff instead of the modern stuff - like old buildings and architecture, traditional ships and statues.

It's a beautiful city. Clean, bright, with tons of stuff going on in almost every corner downtown.
Again it reminds me of Singapore. The people walk differently, behave differently - that typical city life I know. The crowd.

We stopped over at a restaurant for dinner that day and we were pretty hungry.
And the 3-hour wait for the train back to Eskilstuna was a pain... but some things you cannot change.

Each time you turn your head in this city, you see something new. And it was great. I loved the view.
Despite the cold, wet weather, the sun managed to shine through. Even though just a little.

As we walked and walked, Micha offered me his arm to hold on to.
"Hang on to me," he said. "Don't fall."
"You're a gentleman," I said.

He told jokes as we went on sightseeing. Making me laugh.
Then my grip seemed to loosen and he pulled me closer.

Once in the train on our way back to Eskilstuna, we were bombarded with crying children, their useless parents, snorting men and staring teenagers.

"Are you tired?" he asked.
"Yes... and you?"

Our Sunday was quiet... as we cuddle, kiss, rest and recuperate.

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