28 April 2012


I'm starting to get that demotivated feeling about school. Just two more months of it to go and I'm done with the exams. Just two more months that I probably can't take. It's so typical. I go ten whole months without problems and when it's about to come to an end and all I have to do is pull through, I just end up demotivated, postponing everything.

Am trying hard to talk, will, and beg myself out of it.

This probably started because of the shit that happened in Sweden and the fact that my kindergarten intership's over.

I get used to something, I adapt, get along, learn, work and play, give and take, and make mistakes, and suddenly I'm leaving?

I identify myself with such distractions, people, and situations without even knowing it and now it feels like I'm losing a part of myself (which of course I'm not, it just -feels- that way).

This is the hardest part:
accepting what I cannot change.


  1. I wish you'd talk to me about whatever it is that's bothering you, but I understand why you're not.

    Anyway, always do what you love, no matter what.