25 April 2012

I need to rest

Tuesday: Post vacation - who would've thought that one would need a break even from vacation. Got home Saturday, couldn't settle down yet, Laundry Day on Sunday, back to work on Monday and once again today while treating my colleagues to a delicious homemade Satay feast.
The Malays love it, the Germans love it.
And I like cooking for others sometimes. Just watching people eat... knowing I've earned this much trust.
Just 2 more days of work to go and my internship at the kindergarten will be over. Seven months of it. :D
So sad and happy at the same time.

I'm home now, after seeing the doctor... kind of showed up 2 hours late and didn't bother to call beforehand. I couldn't care anymore anyway considering the fact that I haven't been able to kick off my shoes and drop myself onto the couch in the past few days.
Though I did call up my dentist to postpone the appointment. No idea how I even managed that.

But now I'm on this couch - this old couch that I will one day rip into pieces with my bare hands (and maybe a kitchen knife). It's like having a corpse in the living room, just that as furniture.
But I'm thankful for it now.

Been waiting for days to write down my thoughts and just blog again. And rest.


  1. You went to a doctor. Everything okay?

  2. Everything's fine. I just need to get a few immunisations out of the way.

  3. use a butter knife, it'd be more fun that way.
    your doc didn't care you showed up so damn late? bad ira

  4. Nah, at least I found out that they don't even really keep track of what time their patients come.