08 April 2012

Heading for Sweden :)


This is a long easter weekend and I think I've had enough time to wind down from the week's hecticness.... before transitioning into a new one.

I'm still packing for our two-week trip to Eskilstuna, Sweden. A beautiful small town about an hour away from Stockholm. Michael has a short internship there and I'll be accompanying him because I'm caring, lovely, sweet and nice. And of course, I've also been dying to take a break from work and school. 

I'm so glad that Micha got the internship since it'll be a plus-factor for his work. Today I'm helping him do some final touches to a related presentation he's going to do there. Really exciting. It's like a business exchange programme.

Our flight stops over in Amsterdam before flying to Stockholm. And from there we'd have to take the train. It's going to be a long road and I'd be glad when we could finally settle down, rest and unpack.

We're just taking it easy now for the rest of the day and once my check-list is all cleared, I'd enjoy one final beauty sleep before setting off early on Monday morning.

Hope your weekend's coming along alright.

A video showing the sights and sounds of Eskilstuna.
Here's where we'll be:

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