02 April 2012

From Frankfurt with Love

Mega happiness: 
My sister and I

Last weekend was a blessed one. My sister (Shida) and I caught up with each other again after more than two years. When Michael and I arrived at the hotel lobby, she greeted us. 
Shida and I held each other for so long. We cried. I couldn't believe that I'm holding my sister in my arms again! A piece of home I've been longing for. 

Micha was glad to see her again. The last time was too long ago.
We had lunch and went sight-seeing. The world seemed different when she was there - I could open up, go insane, tell inside jokes we could die laughing about - ones that no one would ever understand, we had Garlic Naan, Butter Chicken, Biryani, Mango Lassi, Bubble Tea, coffee and cakes, had a video conference with the rest of the family back home in Singapore, and took pictures.

But with a weekend comes time that's never enough.
At Frankfurt's train station we said our goodbyes teary-eyed.... I have to carry on with the week of work and school... and Shida has to serve for Singapore Airlines. Her next stop: New York. (Suzy if you're reading: I wish you knew her so you could go take her around! Haha)

I love you, Shida!
We'll do this again someday!

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