13 April 2012


 Eskilstuna river

I'm writing from Sweden. It's a beautiful morning and I just had  breakfast. The weather's good today. Better than the past 2 or 3 days. I've been here since last Monday and it's been nice esploring the area, taking walks, taking pictures, visiting museums, enjoying the view, and doing a little (window) shopping.

Lots of people speak english here and even on TV you see a good amount of english. Which I find good. I learned some swedish in the weeks before I came, and it's a little easier because a lot of words are similar to german... it's just hard because the pronunciations are insanely out of this world. Hehe. The moment someone speaks to me, all I hear are sounds and then all I can think of is... 'wha?'...
So yeah... Micha and I laugh all the time when that happens.

He's having a lot of fun at work too. Meeting new people, learning about how the swedes do their jobs, getting to know their culture and what makes them tick. He had told me how different it is from working in Germany. Everything's more relaxed, people are friendlier and more open, colleages get along with each other without the whole hierarchy thing going on where bosses never consider talking to subordinates and vice versa. And humour's very much welcome.

I'm glad Michael's enjoying his time.

On the other hand, I'm doing most of the tourist stuff. It's challenging to be exploring and doing stuff on my own but I just go out and whatever the plan is, it'll just take place and I go with it.
I've walked so much that my feet ache with blisters. And today's another day.

We'll be having dinner tonight at a restaurant and after a good rest, we'll spend a day this weekend in Stockholm - about an hour by train from Eskilstuna. 

I'll write again soon :)


  1. so, what you're saying is you forgot what english sounds like