25 March 2012

The woods in the Harz region

Friday afternoon.
After a short bus ride out of town, Michael and I took a walk along the Liebesbankweg, literally translated: Lovebank Path. An 8km walk through the woods that took us more than 3 hours to complete. Along the way we saw many different wooden banks signifying wedding anniversaries; 5 years, 25 years, 50 years, 75 years, and so on. I didn't take pictures of the wooden banks because I was more in love with the nature, silence and stillness around me. 

The singing birds were chanting melodies I've never heard before. And the creaking fir trees in the wind were haunting yet majestic. The air smelled like herbs and freshcut wood. It's spring time. I saw branches and twigs starting to grow out the first leaves of the season - surviving another hard winter.

How I wished I had grown up being a little more intimate with mother earth. To swim in a lake, drink from a river, hear a waterfall, climb a low lonely tree, walk barefoot through grass, moss, soil, watch the fireflies, catch a worm...
Things nobody ever experience anymore.
Each time I walk in the woods I feel my heart beat slowly. I witness my thoughts and worries shut themselves away leaving me alone.

"You like this," Micha said.

"I love this," I said. "No words."

I didn't want to speak. I wanted to just listen.

Then I saw the setting sun letting its rays creep in from the canopies. Like spotlights from the sky lighting up  everything that deserves to be seen. I was secretly hoping to see the Elves or Hobbits in the distance and be convinced that I just made it all up.

It was still cold, however. But I only had my summer jacket on with a tanktop underneath. Yet after so much walking I didn't sweat a single bit. My hands stayed cold as they always are (even at 28°C in Singapore)... but this is nothing new.

The path seemed to keep on going and the best thing about it: there is no way of knowing exactly where you are or where you're going.
As the sun set and darkness pulled over us, Michael and I almost got lost. Almost lost.
We came to a steep opening, what seemed to be a ski slope in winter.
Where was the road we were supposed to follow? We didn't know.
We went back and before we knew it we were back on track.

It's so easy to get lost.

The path kept going uphill. Up and up and up and my legs couldn't take it anymore.
It was dark. Darker than it is in these pictures. There was no moon and I could hardly see a thing. It was night and we were making our way out of the forest, trying not to lose sight of the path we were to stay on.

And then it was over.
But we still had to wait for the bus... We sat on a bank - the 5th wedding anniversary bank - enjoying the stars in the sky. I recognised two of them. The same stars I see when I look out my kitchen window at night... when I get the feeling that I need to be close to nature again.

When the bus came we were relieved. On the way home we bought some food (Kebab or Döner as they call it here) and had dinner in each other's presence. Smiling.


  1. Romantic post :) I also enjoy walking in the woods of my city park. Majestic! :)

  2. lucky! i want to be with mother earth too. i need to escape from this city. -_-

  3. @Sonya: Yes! And I just love it.

    @Aysh: Gosh, I remember what it was like for me back then when I almost went crazy because city life is just not for me.
    (Btw, good to see you here!) :D