31 March 2012


"The Vagabond" by Astrid Fritz

I'd be on the train by now on my way to Frankfurt, reading this.
A novel based on historical facts about a young woman in the 16th Century, Eva, who lost her mother, father, brother and sister. After being emotionally, physically and sexually abused by her stepfather, Eva - only 15 at that time - leaves town and wanted to run as far away as possible.

Running away doesn't seem to solve anything, but Eva fought for her rights and virtue in a time when women barely have any.

This book is in german and it's so beautifully written. I love reading how people spoke back then, in the middle-ages, and the words that they use are so dead today. It's what I love about lurking in the historical corner of a library and randomly picking out a book from an undisturbed shelf.

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