30 March 2012

Going away

I've planned this for awhile and now it's less than a day away.
All packed and ready for a weekend trip to Frankfurt, where I will be seeing my sister again. It's been 2 years since we saw each other. My sister will be in Frankfurt for the weekend, and I'm just excited and really looking forward.

Too bad that spring decided to take a break.
The weather's not going to be so nice - cold, wet, and windy.
Which means, too cold for a maxi dress, too cold for ballet flats, too cold for a simple summer jacket.
But it doesn't matter. I love the fact that I'll be seeing my sister again, that I can finally speak english and malay again (omg, it feels like I have to get used to this), and that we will do some sightseeing, eating, and window shopping.

I have my book for the 4-hour train ride, my music for the mood, and my camera.
Oh and my man. He's coming along too! :)
I've packed a ton of gifts for my sister to take home with her - for the rest of the family.
It's going to be insane.
But fun for sure.

I hate carrying an umbrella... especially when the rain here is like an indecisive sprinkler in a garden. I either take my bulky hood-jacket with me or my hat.... considering the antisocial winds... I don't even know what makes sense.

Will be exploring the wrong side of the internet a little and then off I go to bed.
About Frankfurt, that's a topic I plan to blog about when I get back.
Enjoy your weekend, relax, and recuperate. :)

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