15 February 2012

Are fake eyelashes and mascara haram in Islam?

It's clear. One word. Five letters.
Cross the line and you've sinned.

I came across a post on Facebook this evening from someone who made it clear that wearing fake eyelashes and mascara is in Islam "haram", in other words: forbidden. So forbidden that it is a sin you will be punished for.
By God.
The most Loving.
The most Merciful...?

She even stated why it's forbidden.... a simple statement from the Hadith (collected sayings from the Prophet Muhammad) which reads:

"The Lord shall damn women who extends her hair or asks her hair to be extended."

I grew up in school with the person who posted this.
I grew up knowing that she has always been religious. Always perfect. Always the one who memorised pages and pages from the Quran. And she was a nice girl. Still is. She's soft-spoken, disciplined, obedient and exceptionally feminine. And I have nothing against her for posting this.

What bugs me is what all this reminds me of - a past that left me all shaken and confused.

I could wake up one day just to get another strange rule rammed into my head, and I was told that such rules come from a credible source when not from the Quran. And I ended up asking myself WHY?

Who can prove that the Prophet said that?
Who can prove that the Hadith is untouched, unmodified, unaltered in any sort of way?
But then who talked about hair extensions and mascara and fake eyelashes thousands of yeas ago? Tyra Banks? I don't think so.

Another question I have is why women?
Why do women in Islam have to put up with so many rules?
I remember being reprimanded by my teachers for wearing pants in school. They even told me to leave.
I remember having my keychains (souvenirs from my travels) confiscated from my schoolbag because they 'attract too much attention'.
And I remember my mum and grandmother pulling me aside and telling me that I will be damned because I stopped wearing the scarf, and for good.

Rules, rules, rules....
And ridiculous ones at that.
It drove me insane.

Now it's the mascara and fake eyelashes.
But then again, why just mascara and fake eyelashes? Why not generalize and say that make-up, in any shape and form, is forbidden?
But then again I'm sure there's somewhere a Hadith for that too.
Just have to go Google it.

I'm wondering what damage mascara and fake eyelashes do, for a woman to deserve to be damned.
And if a muslim transvestite (God forbid) or cross-dresser does the same, does he get damned? Or does he not get damned just because he's actually a MAN?

Sounds a little too sexist, doesn't it?

Oh wait, they do sin too since they're not supposed to dress up as women.

I'm also really sure that I have heard of a Hadith that says something like: if the muslim women does not put effort into beautifying herself for her lawful husband, she has sinned.
Tell me how in the world without a little make-up?
Someone trying to shit with me here.

So what is it then?
No make-up for women?
No make-up for men?
No make-up at all?
Had anyone ever made a clear, logical decision?

Here's another point to that: if a woman isn't allowed to wear mascara and therefore doesn't beautify herself and her shallow husband goes all Bluetooth and searches for other devices (other women) then it's her fault for ruining the entire marriage!

Wow... what a good way to stab women in the back.
You just gotta love it.

Contradiction after contradiction after contradiction.
Explains why I just don't need this craziness in my life.

It's really not an issue.
Not all women put on make-up, or fake-eyelashes (a nightmare) or mascara.
It's not the most important thing in the world that deserves to be a rule or a law.

This just had to remind me again of all the shit that went through my mind... the rules they taught me in school, the rules they taught me at home, and how not a day passed without me shitting myself thinking: "I've sinned. I'm going to hell. God will punish me."

So much until I got angry and cursed at God for making all the rules. But He wasn't the one.
Until I got angry at myself for letting indoctrination get to me. But I wasn't the one.
Until I walked away from every single person who keeps putting these ideas into my head.
Ideas that made me suicidal.

I personally don't like fake eyelashes but I'd rather keep my mascara instead of my blind faith.


  1. I know that this is prohibed , but the women in party , can she do this?

  2. You've got some serious issues =/

  3. From little of what you have said about your experience, it sound more like coming from growing up a conservative society. I used to hate wearing hijab when I was in middle school. I didn't wear until after my 21st birthday. I tried thinking about ways of life and Alhamdulillah started wearing it on my own wish instead of getting drunk to celebrate some what freedom. Its a basic instinct to grow detest for thing we are pushed to do. Always look for a Sahih hadith if you don't find a straight direction from Quran. Quran for sure cant be fabricated. I would suggest if you believe little bit n Allah(Swt) listen to his words first and it will guide you through almost anything and everything.

    Shahi Hadith are the closest to the untouched ones because they are precisely noted from people who were trustworthy to prophet (swt) and was been studied by scholars for years to determine their trustworthiness and accuracy. Some people use them to make people's life difficult. Those people already made up their mind to follow their own instinct but than there are others in Islam who need guidance to do things right and hence need help of hadith. If anyone decide to take risk and believe in their own personalized rule. right and wrong, in life, its completely upto them. Trust me if you believe and you study what is said in Quran, there is no reason for you not to follow Allah(swt)'s given way of life.


    Very common sentiment seen in people. Trust me guys just have as much rules to follow or probably more. How they should look and how they should groom themselves...do more research on that, you ll be surprised to how much rules they got for themselves starting from grooming themselves to as little is wearing only silver ring no gold or platinum to symbolize luxary, no gel fixed hair to get a look like J Beiber.

    If a guy looks at other women instead of his wife, you should know very well that is prohibited as well and he in primitive way I can say probably he ll be stoned for adultery. Don't be childish, if you know so much about women being treated bad, you must have come crossed some punishment for men as well. Sins are sins, no boy or girl. Yes, they are not always punished for the same reason but equal in their own ways.

    Try to find some peace in your heart and forget about what people has to say. Allah(swt) didn't come to and say all that. There are hadith where it say even people with tiny believe in Allah(swt) ll be forgiven. There are more kind words which I believe people you had around didn't tell you. Instead they wanted you to believe it blindly which of course is a wrong way. In fact some scholars I have listened to said, you should question and not believe blindly and if you look for answer from Allah(swt) you wont be dissatisfied.

    I don't want to tell you whats right or wrong, hence I wont answer if fake lashes are right to wear or not. Yes there are more important rules mentioned in Quran and Hadith which need to be learned first. InshaAllah if you find any interest in heart to research with out taking side, you ll get a better understanding of why things are the way they are.

    Hopefully you find it helpful. I am not very knowledgeable, I only tried to let you know what I did for myself. It can be totally different for you. I apologize for any mistake. Nothing I said is intended to hurt anyone if I did any of that by mistake, please forget and forgive.

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    thanks for your comment. I appreciate your contribution and there is absolutely no need to apologize. Everyone is free to peacefully express their opinions on my blog :)
    I think you pointed out some interesting thoughts.

    What had me mostly irritated about the issue is the hadith saying that the Lord shall damn any woman who extends her hair or asks her hair to be extended.

    I asked the question "Who can prove that the Hadith is untouched, unmodified, unaltered in any sort of way?" because that hadith speaks of extending hairs in a time where there was no such thing as hair extensions, fake eyelashes or mascara.
    But to extend hair also means to let down the hair… but that would again be a matter of interpretation. Then that would have nothing to do with fake eyelashes or mascara or make-up for that matter.

    What I cannot seem to understand or put my finger on is a trusted study or in other words clear evidence of the hadith being truthful, untouched and unchanged. When you wrote:
    "…because they are precisely noted from people who were trustworthy to prophet (swt) and was been studied by scholars for years to determine their trustworthiness and accuracy"

    Then my question to you would be: Which trustworthy persons? Which scholars? How did they determine the trustworthiness and accuracy? Did they explain themselves based on real research or based on the good old faith? I would like to see a source but until now I see none and keep coming back to nothing but blind faith. You just 'have' to believe in it. But that doesn't answer any of my questions.

    I don't think that rules and more rules based on sayings are necessary to the point that it has to cause so much insecurity in women, who want to be good muslims but is always afraid of breaking the rules. That is one huge reason why I stopped thinking of God as a being who is only there to answer our prayers, to reward or to punish us. God is not something or someone or an unknown unimaginable figure. This was one identification I had to get rid of. To me religion had been nothing more than an indoctrination of ideas.

    I would no longer look for answers in religion - doesn't matter which. I had tried that growing up and it was horrible for me. By knowing religion and its roots, I have found a way out and found answers through my own experiences that are crucial for me in life. I no longer look for peace because it's been there in me the whole time - with or without religion. I haven't changed as a person, I've only opened up to many more things and I no longer chain myself down with rules and fear... and life has been so much better since.

    1. Unfortunately, sister you are one of the Muslims who is a Muslim because you were born in a Muslim house hold , and your opinions are mostly based on your experiences with what people have told you or you've seen amongst people not on your research on islam specifically. You have tried to search for things that are forbidden for women mostly, but you haven't searched why? You haven't searched if a woman sacrifices few desires how she maybe rewarded? Same for men, men have many rules as well, both do since women and men are equal in islam, but sometimes we need to search why do we have certain rules, and there isn't a single rule in islam that clashes with science, as a matter of fact science hasn't got there yet to the level and wisdom there is behind islam, whatever we do as Muslims according to islam has a lot of beneifts of rewards, peace of mind and discipline in life as well as scientifically proven health benefits. Islam is not just about fear its about love and peace too. If Allah mentions hell fire and punishment for disbelievers in one verse, he mentions jannah for believers and good doors in the next. As far as fake lashes are concerned then just to let you know time hasn't changed a lot in old times people used to get tattoos and wear wigs as well, Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith 7.817 Narrated by Aisha
      An Ansari girl was married and she became sick and all her hair fell out. Intending to provide her with false hair, they asked the Prophet (saws) who said, "Allah has cursed the lady who artificially lengthens (her or someone else's) hair, and also the one who gets her hair lengthened." But the reason I came to this page was because I was looking for same answer about the lash part, and I've realized it would be same as wearing wigs since its attaching hair like item to your hair to extend them even if they are synthetic wouldn't be permissible.Then the question of authenticity of hadith's comes, there have been scholars who have studied islam, kept their researches with the root of islam and that's how hadith's were passed down. The rest, Allah knows best. I'm no scholar or someone but I've try to do as much research as I can , try to study Islam as much as I can, I was at same stage as you once, I didn't mean to start off as being judgmental but your words reminded me of the way I was, but later I found true islam with my research as a way of life, a beautiful deen that keeps us from a lot of harm in this world and hereafter in sha Allah and not just a set of rules .I would pray may Allah guide me , may Allah guide you and whole Muslim ummah and guide us to what's right ameen. Peace ✌��

    2. When you say "...there isn't a single rule in islam that clashes with science" I would definitely beg to differ.

      The contradictions are enormous and we could discuss forever, but because everything in a particular holy scripture is open to interpretation, it makes 'research' almost impossible because you can't seem to go beyond what so-called scholars are telling you to believe. It's still like the listening to the media and advertising: everyone is trying to tell you what you should believe.

      This is, thankfully, no longer something I value.
      And especially no longer such limitations (and I don't refer to only fake eyelashes) specifically targeted towards women. What 'reward' is there in being told to fear, obey and sacrifice yourself by men who claim they know the truth? I am not convinced.

      Trust me, I have searched enough. But 'searching' was the wrong thing to do. It made me lose hope. God did not ask us to search, if I recall correctly He asks us to QUESTION. The truth is already right in front of me the whole time... if I only ask the right questions.
      So what I do learn from are the experiences in this one life we have, which I accept as lessons, which I face with curiosity and courage and which I allow to guide me through.

      Anything else, like you said, are just things we are not meant to know for now.

  5. Islam is not just a religion. It's a way of life. Although I understand some of the things may seem out of line and bizarre to you. (by the way I believe that hadith is very unreliable, or at least translated poorly) think about it this way. being raised in a certain country where you have been pre disposed to a certain culture,and certain laws. at what point do you question many of these laws that you have been conditioned to?

    and Islam stresses that this life that we are living in will never be perfect and you will never find happiness. Some of the things it demands we must do simply to please God. Some really are for our own betterment.

    In this life you have to follow rules. You are fostering SOME kind of idea that came from some where. Religion (specifically the Qu'ran in terms of my own belief) is sent as a guidebook same as the laws of a country.

    In the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him) he implemented the 'rules' of the Qu'ran perfectly into the society where his military was merciful, his laws were just, his community was generous in their charity and in their kindness.

    This is not me just talking. Check out the historical sources.

    As for the hadiths , there are a few "sheikhs" for example Imam Bukhari, who are the collectors of the hadiths. Now these are people who have studied extensively the life of the Prophet (pbuh), his religion and are experts on what kind of hadiths have a chance of being correct based on the Qu'ran and other historical information.

    Did you know the Qu'ran taught people to clean themselves before the western world even knew what germs were?

    Did you know the Qu'ran talks about expansion of the universe (surat Rahman) which is something modern science recently discovered?

    Did you know fasting is prescribed in the Qu'ran as a way to clean the body's from disease? Try googling the benefits.

    Some times at different points in our lives, religion won't make sense. I used to be agnostic (although born muslim). But I never stopped believing in God. When I read the Qu'ran, I was confused, it sounded very strange (especially the translation). But at some point it felt like the screen had been lifted from my heart (talks about this in the Qu'ran too) and I could understand completely the beauty of this religion.

    Me, I fear God. But, I fear no man. For I know there is no strength aside from in God.
    Everything in life tarnishes and dies, but God, he will always remain.
    Would you rather fear the creator, or the creation?

    But yeah, sorry for the ramble. But you seem like a veryyyyy smart person and I really like how you express yourself and you questions things. I hope you find your answers one day, because I used to question exactly like you.

    * p.s if anyone ever relates to you a hadith or a verse of the Qu'ran or any other religious book demand the proof (ask them to cite it and look at it yourself)

    1. Hi Arijeta,

      Thanks for your input on the topic. I'm glad that you have found your answers in life.

      Like you, I too was born to a muslim family. So I can relate to what you are saying. Though I would be interested to know what pushed you towards agnosticism.

      Rules in life:
      It's true that there are rules in life. But I look at it in a way that nature works according to a system which consists of cycles and processes. These processes cannot be compared to the laws man make, because nature's process is not man-made. I would like to live a life that is not filled with rules as if life is a game, but instead I'd like to experience a life of values.

      Never finding happiness:
      If Islam stresses that we will never find happiness in life then that would mean that I did the right thing by walking away from it. Because I really became happier and profoundly at peace after that. It's true that you cannot find happiness, because happiness cannot be found - it is there inside of every one of us. It is becoming one with the universe.

      Hygiene in the Qur'an:

      With regards to such claims we have to be careful because according to history, there are civilisations *before* the revelation of the Qur'an, such as the Romans, the Greeks and the Egyptians, which had practised very good hygiene because they know of the causes and effects (even before knowing what germs are).

      Expansion of the universe:

      Having learnt Arabic for 9 years I know that misinterpretations have a big chance of occuring in anything that must be translated from one of the most difficult languages in the world. What is being mentioned in the Qur'an, based on my knowledge, is the vastness of the universe (that it is big in size), not its expansion.

      Prior to and around the time of Edwin Hubble's Discovery (that the universe is expanding) in the 1930's, this is one of the english translation of Surah Ar-Rahman:
      "We have built the heaven with might, and it is we who make it a vast extent (thereof)". 51:47

      But in the late 20th century, after this was discovered by science, the english translation of this verse had changed to "..we are expanding it". So again, we must be careful will such claims because we have to admit that there have been proven changes.


      Basically, most basically - fasting cannot have a beginning point because ever since the beginning of time early man has fasted in his existence, not because of religious reasons but because it is a part of his existence. Man and animal had fasted when there is no food to be found, in illness, etc.
      Even the earliest philosophers like Hippocrates (I've done a project about him), Plato, Socrates, Aristotle and Galen - hundreds of years before the Qur'an - already recognized the benefits of fasting. So once again, I cannot just take such a statement for granted.

      To answer your question: Would you rather fear the creator, or the creation?

      I no longer want to fear. Fear has crippled me in the past, led me to think about giving up and has given me nothing but burden. The entire universe exists and unfolds without fear. It just is. And we are a part of it, no less than the trees and the stars. We don't deserve to fear anything - but not fearing doesn't mean rebelling. It is about being one with the universe. And that is the best state to be in :)

      Thank you once again for sharing your interesting thoughts.
      Be happy. It is there when you are still :)

  6. False lashes are haram. However, Mascara is perfectly fine.
    But at the end of the day...it all comes down to your own opinion/interpretation.
    Hope this helps ;) x

    1. "...it all comes down to your own opinion/interpretation..."

      Correct. That is why it is also unfair for any person to put his or her own interpretation/opinion of something onto others, because it is after all their own.

  7. Hi dear. I can understand where you are coming from. Throughout your life, you've been disallowed and disapproved for doing the littlest of things. Everything is a no, everyone says no. They may have made you feel like the worst person in the world. I can relate to that, always asking myself, "What is it with people who are so uptight with me that they have to correct my every action? Yet they don't see their own flaws?"

    But now I've realised, that they meant well for me. They care for me and wanted me to stop my bad habits to be a better person. We all have certain undesirable traits that we are not aware of. Unfortunately in this world, backbiting is real. People will talk about you behind your back, and then when they see you they will act all nice. But those people who tell you upfront, are the people whom we should treasure. Because they tell us on our shit, and we need people like this, who genuinely care for us. Instead of gossiping and letting us continue with our bad habits.

    Islam is a way of life, a guidance. However sometimes when people want to teach you this way of life, they are too harsh. They may seem unreasonable when they tell you it's not allowed, but they have no proof of which hadith etc. The problem is not with Islam, but humans are flawed and may sometimes hurt you even though they mean well. People have different ways to show that they mean well. Some people will say it nicely, some will demand and command you as if you owe them their life. But Islam never taught people to be harsh. Islam has always taught us to be graceful and kind to each other.

    The reason why I even came across your facebook post is because I was searching whether wearing fake eyelashes are haram. And I found out that it is. I am a muslim too, but obviously I want to look pretty. But the thing is, I did have eyelash extensions before (not knowing it is haram) and when I saw the explanation of a hadith saying that fake eyelashes may lead to diseases of the eye and the skin, also causing your natural eyelash to fall, I couldn't agree more. I know this from experience. I know that Islam asks the women to cover up to protect you from men and their lustful gaze, and ever since I donned the hijab after I turned 21, I couldn't agree more. I could finally filter people and truly see, who would love me for me — for my soul and not for my body. Some men don't even bother to look me in the eye when they speak. But the respectful men would still be graceful in their greet. I saw the stark difference, the light in Islam. Islam protects you from what is harmful, and guides you to the path of kindness.

    I hope that you will see the light in Islam again one day. I pray for you, inshaAllah you won't hesitate to come back to His path. InshaAllah he will open your heart once again, because honestly you're just hurt and confused. I pray for you and I truly hope that He will ease your burdens and show you the way. Have a blessed life, dear.

  8. Mascara is not haraam lol just saying. Good article, though.