11 February 2012


The playground.

"Es schneit,
es schneit,
kommt alle aus dem Haus,
die Welt,
die Welt,
sieht wie gepudert aus."

...heard the kids singing as they watched the snowflakes fall to the ground.

"It snows.
Everyone, come out of the house.
The world looks all powdery."

It was nice when I went out for a walk today.
Then went to get some groceries.
A driver with his whole family in the car honked at me at the junction, he waved at me and seemed to be tapping against his rear-view mirror. I looked but I had no idea who that was or what that was about.
I walked on.

I had the chance to shovel snow on Friday morning. Didn't get any snow to shovel last year since my neighbour did all the work.
It wasn't so easy in the beginning but I got the hang of it.
Took about five minutes to clear the path in front of my house... 
Now I know what that's like.

I have no idea what else to blog about so.... I'm gonna go eat. :))


  1. just sprinkle over the snow or what? works on thick snow too?

  2. just sprinkle. works better if you do it before it snows