04 February 2012

Gothic fantasy art: Treachery's Wedding

"Treachery's Wedding" (2012) Ira Roslan
60cm x 50cm
Acrylic on canvas

I've been extremely over the moon about putting this piece online - a wedding deep in emptiness, stillness and space, which was not so easy to plan.

This piece was inspired by the coming-together of two people, especially into marriage.
Secrets and lies come about... but entangled in joy and expectation. 
A little of good and evil... depending on how you see it.


It's the biggest painting I've ever done so far.
I love the colours, I love the way the couple hold each other, the way they focus away from each other, and the way they stare straight at you no matter at which angle you view the painting from. 

So in love.


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