29 February 2012

Just happy

Wednesday afternoon... :-D

My class hated me today for being the only one with an A in Math. They also assumed that I'm the teacher's pet, which means I have to be, right?
Wrong. I don't get shit from my teacher because I'm the only one who doesn't do shit in class. If you know what I mean. I don't show up late, or not show up at all, come up with excuses, ask stupid questions or make zero effort.
Neither do I carry his bag, or pull out his chair, or make him coffee, or sleep with him, or bring him an apple a day.
I earned that damned A.
(Not bad for 13% logic in my head.)

Alright... and I received news that I'm being considered as a candidate for the two-year early childhood education training. My teachers are entirely positive about it - sure that I would be accepted. But... I'm gonna save myself from disappointment and expect nothing.
The news will show up very soon anyway, so... I'm just going to wait and see.

I stayed up late last night and thought about watching Freddy VS Jason and Halloween but then I changed my mind after putting in the DVD. Instead I decided to watch a documentary about people who suffer from hoarding - a mental disorder that makes one collect junk over years, never cleaning up, never throwing stuff away. Very sad. But eye-opening.

Then I watched another documentary about a day in a life of a locksmith. He actually showed how easy it is to break into someone's home (with a piece of hard paper!). Especially when a door is only being closed but not locked. And he was all like, "Always lock your door no matter what." And the guy earns thousands of Euros a day helping people in Berlin with door issues. In one single day!
Who would've thought of that?

Think I'll stay up late again tonight and do some Biology. There'll be another test tomorrow (I'm thinking that all I ever do in school here is get tested in every subject) so maybe that will make me want to go to sleep tonight.

I'll have the entire apartment to myself this week and the next. Give me some cool ideas about everything that you'd do, if you were me :-P


  1. Don't worry you are in the right track. If you are not able to stay awake late night, you can get up early and browse to gain some extra knowledge about latest technology.

  2. so do you think you'll be a hoarder, murderer, or a locksmith now?

  3. That hoarding DVD would be very useful for my sister. I for one would like to see the locksmith documentary.

    If I was home alone for two weeks, I'd probably walk around the house without my clothes on. For starters. Then do all the stuff I don't want people knowing about.

    Btw, just so you know, Evanescence was here in KL last week. I would have gone to see them if the tickets were cheaper. I think I'm gonna get the new CD soon.

  4. @Coupons: Why are called "coupons"? :P Thanks for the comment. New technology, huh? I might look into it.

    @yelly: whatever brings me to you so I can poke you to death, hee.

    @aaron: Walk around naked? Haha. Intriguing. Maybe if Michael was around then at least I'd have someone who'll appreciate that.

    Yes! I know that Evanescence was in KL. The album is good. Worth getting. The songs sort of grow on you (on me at least).

    Guys, more suggestions! :)

  5. But if you're a murderer, why would I want to come and get killed by you? Might not be a bad idea now that I think about it though.
    And ideas? turn it into a bat cave.

  6. Play with make up and make art on your face (or Michael's) instead of on paper. Then post tons of pictures for us to see!

  7. @yelly: it's very exciting to be killed by me. My revenge is sweet.
    A bat cave.. hm... ew.

    @Shida: You know how sad my make-up supply is? Oh you don't know. Haha. Ok.. Micha as my canvas. Now that I can do.

  8. revenge on me? for what? it should be me on you.
    and ok, no bat cave. then put up wall paper and then paint over it