05 February 2012

What to wear in -10°C (14°F) degrees, european winter. Tropical girl in the north.

One cold, dark, winter morning, at 05:00 hours, I took my camera and started documenting my daily morning winter routine. Oh gosh... 

It's been really cold here lately.
Like... really....
I leave the house and it's -15°C outside... 
My lungs suffer.

Anyway, I decided to put together a bunch of ideas on how you could prepare yourself if for some reason you're interested in being somewhere in the north in the middle of winter.

I pulled a few casual stuff together. This is not for hiking or long-term outdoor activities.
If you're not planning on staying outside at this temperature for more than a few hours, then read on.

What I wear on top:
3 layers of clothing. At least!
Spaghetti top, warm top, and knitted cardigan.


What I wear down low:
Thick stockings that go all the way up to the waist.

Plus a pair of wool socks.
Keyword: Wool.
The feet get cold very, very quickly otherwise.

And then my favourite pair of jeans.

These are my winter boots that I wear when I feel nervous about getting cold feet.
They should have a good sole-imprint (deep and provide friction) and waterproof.
No heels, girls. You don't wanna slip on icy roads and die.

Last but most certainly the most important things:
  • A winter jacket or coat [mine is filled with down - (feathers)].
  • A winter cap, hat, whatever that covers your head - you lose more than 60% of your body heat through your head.
  • And the thickest scarf or wrap-around you can find. Mine covers almost half of my face since that delays the frosty winds from numbing my entire face muscles (yes, and when that happens you will not be able to enunciate any words out of your mouth).
I keep a packet of tissues in my coat pocket because the cold makes your nose run after just 10 minutes outside.
It's annoying but it's the body's normal reaction to the cold.

Tropical Girl in the North
- Ira Roslan

There was once a girl who was born on the equator.
It was 13:30 hours, 28° Centrigrade and the sun was shining. 
The sun was always shining.

Her world was perfect.
The salty air from the surrounding sea was always warm. 
Soothing when she breathed and it goes in.
She was breathing.

The girl grew up one day and met a traveller from the north. 
She saw that he was tired, flushed, sweating and shaking.
She took him in and sheltered him.
Showed him her world.

She was watching.

The sun burned him.
The light - blinding.
The air choked him.
The nights - suffocating.

And then she kissed him.
"Will you take me now," she said.
"To your world?"
And they disappeared into the skies.

The girl woke up one day in the north.
It was 06:00 hours, -15° Centrigrade
Feathers floated from the clouds to the ground.
The sun wasn't there.

His world was white.
The bitter mountain air was always cold.
Torturing when she breathed and it goes in.
She was breathing.

The cold numbed her.
The fog - frightening.
The air choked her.
Her lungs - screaming.

And then he embraced her.
"Will you show me now," she said.
"How to stay alive?"

He embraced her.


  1. spag top. i would not have thought of needing that at all. btw, you won't slip and die. just in a wheelchair for a while, most likely. but then, i've seen enough stupidity in the snow here...

  2. Aww...
    Hm.. you probably need something more masculine.
    What sort of stupidity? I'm curious.. hehe

  3. I completely forgot what I was referring to for the last part. might be the heels part. they still wear heels here.

  4. I know. It's daring. I tried... yeah... not very nice.