04 February 2012

Friday evening. Excited.

Watching Michael play PES 2012 on Wii

It's Friday eeeeeevening!
I plan to come online on Saturday (tomorrow) but I'm writing out my thoughts now already - while it's still fresh.

Feeling so excited because I'm announcing a new painting this weekend - the largest one that I have done so far. Just looking at it makes me forget about all the stress I had during the week.

Work today was excellent. I got the chance to organize gym session in the hall for the kids. At 07:30 this morning I was all creative - putting together obstacle courses, arranging ladders and slides, and setting up make-shift tents out of sheets and blankets.
And it was snowing outside.

Kids came pouring in at 08:30, crying out in glee and letting their infinite energy go absolutely wild. I thought I wouldn't survive, especially when I had to always keep an eye on the boys who - passionately - enjoy beating each other up (or down).
Boys will be boys?
Please explain to me why violence are an integral part of your lives from the day you were born?
And please don't say it's for survival.

Anyway, as I mentioned, it snowed today. It was -7°C outside *in the sun* and taking out the trash today was cool. Also literally. I almost slipped on the ice but the big fat snowflakes fell gracefully, tingled on my face. After 20 seconds the cold was biting on my skin. It was time to go in. I watched the snowfall from my living room.

Temperatures will be reaching -20°C in the night. It's a little extreme in Europe lately as you might have heard. It might not be so bad in Germany but in other countries in eastern Europe, they've got temperatures dropping to -30 to -40°C. People are dying on the streets.

I've been keeping myself warm. Surprisingly it works. I mean, no nails falling off or anything (phew). I must be doing something right. No more nose-bleeding, but the air is so so so so dry that the skin on my hands and legs crack. I just have to be really careful.

The Vasculitis showed up a little earlier in the week. Just a little. I was painting on the floor and put too much pressure on my legs. But the bleeding under my skin went away the next day. Healed up again.
It'll linger for a couple more months.
I'm just glad that I live, move and able to work.

but then again, even though it's so pretty outside, I'm a little hesitant about doing the groceries... :-/
Going on foot when it's almost -10°C... brrrr...

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