20 January 2012

Time, finally

It snowed today.
Practically half of the day.
If there's snow outside when I look out the window tomorrow morning, I might just take a picture.

At the kindergarten, the children were playing outside. We shovelled the snow. Made snowballs and attacked each other.
I had snow in my hair. It was cold and wet. And we went back inside after awhile to get warm again.
We also made pancakes for breakfast today and after work, I took the leftovers home.

At home...
I was so tired. Got undressed, climbed onto the sofa, pulled a blanket over me, and fell asleep.
Oh... and then after a few hours it got a little too warm.
At 19:00 I went under the shower, freshened up, and made me some soup.

I'll be finishing Treachery's Wedding this weekend.
It's been hanging around too long and I can't look at it anymore.
I swear.

Have a good weekend, everyone :)


  1. I want snow! I haven't seen snow this year, and winter's gona come to an end soon.. Sad!!

  2. Not so soon! It hasn snowed in Germany, but not so much yet. Nothing compared to how crazy it was last year.