16 December 2011

Weirdness of the Ira

Good evening, Europe.
Good morning, Asia.

I'm back to blogging again, for now.
It gives me a good feeling to be sitting at the computer again. I don't even remember what that's like anymore when my days only occupy me with school, work, and the desire to just recuperate from all that.

I miss my online friends and my family and friends who are online.

It's kind of hard to believe that school's going well for me. High school. Something I mentioned I decided to go through again. Starting life all over. A second chance I'm gonna take no matter how stupid I seem being the oldest one in class. Probably the oldest high school student. But I want this.

My teachers tell me I don't belong there. Because I seem to be too good. But I said, that's not the issue. The big issue is the fact that I am STARTING over and I'll do whatever it takes to rewrite my future. I don't need to 'belong' anywhere.

They laugh at me - the others. Teenagers. Why? For being the best one in class. An 'A' in German, Mathematics, Biology, 'B' in History and Work (or Labour) Economics. And don't even get me started on English. And some have no idea how I do it.
Well, back then when I was growing up, I never had the chance. Not when my parents thought (and still think) that I should learn everything about God and heaven and hell and whatever the fuck. (Can I survive on that? Can I spend it? Can I eat it?)
But now that I have the chance: Should I really not give it all I got?

Let's just say that the motivation surrounds me... maybe even a little bit of thrill and excitement.

New topic:


That's where Michael and I are going in two weeks' time. :) 
I need to collect my new passport at the Singaporean Embassy there and since it's 5 hours away by train, we'll be staying there for a couple of days. Sightseeing. Eating. Having a good time.


I'll be back in Göttingen again for awhile, visiting Micha's mum and brother, spending Christmas and New Year with them, and just finally being able to sense the city again. Will there be snow by then? We'll have to wait and see. 

Just one more week of work and school, and then holidays....


Funny thing.
So many things have happened since I last blogged.

Some of the things that I can briefly mention:
  • getting to know my colleages
  • having the first conflict with my team leader (over noodles)
  • being 100% immune to the stomach-flu and flu epidemic at work
  • finished reading a book
  • being very jealous
  • being very depressed
  • being so at peace
  • being and feeling alone
  • being the only woman in the bus every morning at 06:40 hours
  • dropped my beloved waterbottle that it burst, sending 2 litres of water across the carpet in the school hallway, invited laughter
  • finished two silhouette paintings of Michael and me that's now hanging in our living room (and Michael painted too!)
  • baked cookies
  • failed to gain weight
  • being caught in the rain, soaking wet, freezing, thought that my heart was going to stop until I stood under the hot shower
  • took sexy pictures of myself
  • dreamt of an apocalypse, woke up afraid
  • became infatuated with three songs on the radio
  • sang when no one's listening (or maybe just my neighbour downstairs)
  • bought a new book that I'm dying to read
  • thought about learning swedish
  • ate instant noodles again (I've missed these) and in fact I'm going to go cook me some now
And I'm also glad that I got acquainted with the lady from the asian shop -  a very kind, lovely lady who speaks german with a vietnamese accent. I dropped by today, but she wasn't doing so good. Had the flu. But she'll pull through.

Like we all do - when life's not being so nice.

Have a great start into the weekend.


  1. I like this post. Very informative.

    By the way, if you're looking for more things to do, I recommend watching The Walking Dead. I don't know if you can find a way to see this online, it's a great show.

    And why do you need a passport to go to Berlin?

  2. "# took sexy pictures of myself"

    oh. ewww, leggings

  3. @Aaron: I need to go to Berlin to -collect- my new passport.

    @yelly: haha. gotcha.