06 November 2011

Take a peek at my workplace

Waldhaus Kindergarten

7 Kilometers away from Goslar, located in the quiet, sleepy town called Wolfshagen, a house stands right next to a forest.

This is where I've been doing my internship for the past 4 weeks.
I also made a good impression that they've asked me to stay until next summer, which means my internship gets extended for the next 6 months.
I'm beyond happy!

The Kindergarten in the background, and the huge playground facing it... with wooden huts, slides, swings, sandpits, trees, grass, dirt, insects, mud, sticks, twigs, logs, and all the fun things children love to get themselves into.

View from the driveway.

The narrow way into the forest.

This is where we have a mini excursion every Tuesday... armed with boots, rain-jackets, backpacks, and of course food for the picnic!
Fun is clearly an understatement :)

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