21 November 2011


I don't know how long I've been sick now.... had the flu, had fever at 39°C, headache that made me think my head's about to explode, pain in my throat and ears, and evil, evil, evil pflegm (is that how you spell it?).
Went to the doctor and all he said was, "Take painkillers. Then take antibiotics." Yeah, sure. Thank you for nothing.

But Monday it is and I am back into my internship.
The moment I saw the children's faces and how they just ran up to me when they saw me, I begann to feel better.
No more pain.

(I really thought Michael's dream was about to come true and I was about to die or something).


  1. It's phlegm.

    Yes, ppl take antibiotics when they're sick. He'd be a bad doctor if he didn't give you any.

    (When did Michael dream that?)

  2. Should you really be going to the school when you were sick....

  3. @Aaron: I didn't take any of the medication. Just pulled through the fever and felt better again in no time.
    Antibiotics are like... the mafia of all drugs. It kills everything in its way, even my precious antibodies which I desperately need.

    (Just about a week or so before.)

    @Yelly: I had a test that I wanted to get over with. :P But I did go straight home after that!

  4. Maybe your body has a bad reaction to antibiotics. They work for me.