30 November 2011

Christmas fun with the kiddies

Here's what I love about being around children:
I get to do art and nobody cares what sort of art is it! Yay!

We made Christmas cards last week and the kids were excited the moment I complete the outline of the christmas tree with a star on top.

They couldn't wait to show it to their Mamas and Papas :)

One christmas tree wasn't enough. There has to be two on the card.

And we're gonna colour it until the markers run out of ink.

Three-year-old Lea was so excited that she ordered me to take a picture before she even finished colouring it.

Colourful christmas greetings in the making. :)

....and I think they all look AMAZING.
Oh... I'm proud (and happy).... Haha...


  1. markers and not pencil canyons?

  2. it doesn't really matter since they all have different tastes.. and they learn anyway, what fits better and what doesn't.