09 October 2011

Wanting to make my own canvas

I like painting on ready-made stretched canvases, but after sometime they do burn a hole in my pocket. And they don't really come in sizes that I want them to be in. They're usually standard-size, or small, and that's fine for smaller paintings, but for the current collection I am working on, I really need my pictures to be a little big bigger than they are so that the intensity comes through. And huge canvases are so expensive.

It's been ages since I thought about where and how do I get my art supplies (the most important ones). And it's not until recently that I found two german art-supply companies, Boesner and Gerstäcker, which provide online services. And I could order from either of them a big fat roll of canvas to stretch on my own.
The next challenge is to find out which sort of canvas is the best one to use for my painting.

I would also need straight, dry woodpanels to make the frames and the fact that a huge DIY store is right down the street, it shouldn't be a problem. There's where I could get all the tools I would need such as a staplegun, nails, a saw that also cuts at a 45° angle, and a sander (to smooth out sharp edges) - the power tools. Other stuff like a measuring tape, a square (to create 90° angels), gesso (base paint for the canvas), and clamps (to hold the panels in place before nailing) are also necessities.

This could be the best shopping experience in my entire life. :)

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