03 October 2011

My Sims 3 Moments: The Artist

In this very first part of my Sims 3 Short Stories, we look into an artist with a very intriguing idea. After a long phase of what we call 'artist's block', she received an unexpected visit from her lover. And this suddenly triggered her creativity once more.

Cunningly she lured him into a small glasshouse in her backyard fitted with the best entertainment system any guy wouldn't want to resist.

She left him there all alone, and locked the door so that he may never leave.

Night loomed overhead and in solitude, her lover attempts to clean himself at the only available water supply - a sink.

The next morning, the Artist left her boring on indoor art studio and carried her easel and radio out to the glasshouse, where she began to paint the first painting in her most exclusive art collection titled "The Art of Suffering".

Out of frustration, the Lover destroyed the television set and the sink.
Aww, what's going to entertain him now?

The Lover went many days without sleep and he is beginning to feel faint...

After pissing himself all over the floor, he collapse.
What a perfect moment for the Artist to capture on canvas!

Days go by and the Lover is beginning to beg for food.
But the Artist could not hear him.
She was simply too occupied.
After all, what would "Art of Suffering" be without suffering?

After the Lover's endless begging, the Artist decided to sympathise and give him 16 plates of food.
She made pancakes and limecakes and hamburgers, especially for him.
But in order to receive the food, she made him promise that he has to eat up every single plate.

So the Lover stuffed himself silly with food. He ate so much that he collapsed and fell into a deep, deep sleep.

That night when the Lover woke up, he woke up with very bad breath. Groggy and weak, he made his way to the sink, which was already filled with dirt, grime, mold and bacteria.
As he reached out for the toothbrush, his legs went weak and the Lover collapsed to the ground.
Because of all that food, the glasshouse was filled with maggots and flies.
He curled himself up beneath the sink and sighed his last breath.

The Artist finished the last painting for the collection just in time.
The Lover received an expected visit from the Grim Reaper, who was profoundly disgusted by the situation the body was in.
He collected his soul anyway.
And to that, the Art of Suffering comes to an end.

The Artist was very proud of her work.
She displayed each and every painting in her living room and basked in the ambience of her achievement.

The end.


  1. Why was the fences put up only midway into the suffering?
    Also, only pissed himself? No shitting on the floor? You're not doing things in logical order here...

  2. He attempted escape and succeeded. But that would've been a long story.
    Sims only pee so... yeah.
    (And I'm only 13% logical in case you forgot).