17 September 2011

Unexpected good news

Two weeks into the program and I can't believe that I'm still alive. Trust me when I tell you that it is beyond belief how loud it is in my class. If I weren't patient and calm enough, I would have just walked out and never come back.

Each day that passes, passes slowly. I take my breaks alone, it may seem, but I'm often accompanied by 2 young men from my class, who don't really talk. The two that I feel the least uncomfortable about. We do talk but only when we have to. And in some kind of a strange way, I appreciate the ultimate stillness when we are among each other's presence. I find this silence without awkwardness pretty sweet.

My teachers notice my disengagement in the chaos of the class. And if you ask me, I'm not the kind who has to talk so loudly, explode in 150 decibles of laughter, or tell the world about being caught while fucking on the living room sofa. And that's just some of the things that I get to hear in class - things that do me no use.

They tell me that I'm so calm.
They ask me how do I tolerate this every single day?
I say, I accept the situation.
It is the way it is and cannot be otherwise.

So... life goes on.

I was up at 6 a.m. this morning, and I woke up excited.
I still am.

One of my teachers said that he could organise an art exhibition for me. After reading one of the exercises, in which I wrote a little about my art studio, he just caught me in the hallway last Friday with a big smile on his face and asked me if I'd like to exhibit my works. In October. I think my heart pretty much stopped that moment.

If this is an opportunity for me, I'm not gonna let it pass.


  1. Wow, that is awesome news. I do hope you have enough works to fill up a hall.

    This is exciting, I do wish I could see this for myself.

  2. @Aaron: I would need quite a few, that's right.

    @yelly: You should see my fat ass. (Not that you're ever going to. Hehe.)