30 September 2011

Late summer

My early morning ritual - taking in the colours of dawn.
I'd like to remember the shades I saw for my next painting.

I have, finally, a weekend.
Going to class and then back again, with so much to do in a day, yet so little time for myself, feels like I'm always running. I'm so tired of it all.

I bring good news, which is the fact that I have found a 4-week internship in a Kindergarten in a small town near Goslar. Which means, it would be my very first time in a Kindergarten after 2 whole years. It starts this coming Tuesday, and goes until the first week of November.

Two days ago I couldn't even bring myself to move. I came home, crawled into bed at 6 in the afternoon, pulled the sheets over me and wished I was dying. Being in class is like being in a room with pots and pans bouncing off the walls. Headache. Fever. Stress. And it wasn't going anywhere with my applications until one of my facilitators recommended me at this kindergarten.

Soon I'll be taking care of the kiddies again and as much as it does so much for me, the only thing that sucks is the bus connection there. It's so bad that I might have to clear up some issues. And I could never always be on time where there's only like 3 buses a day that go there.
(What planet is this?!)

Nevertheless, nothing I can do much about. Can't change it.
How I wish there was a perfect MRT- System running through the entire region here. I'm sure whoever starts this would win the Nobel Prize. Just for making life a little simpler.

Speaking of which, I'm going through another homesickness phase. My mum just sent me a packet full of goodies from back home, so I look forward to that.

It's october now, and believe it or not, it's been 25°C in Germany for a week now. And forcasts predict that it may stay that way for another. The sun's been out, up and bright, and the insects celebrate, the birds still linger...
Winter's LATE, I tell you....

This will be a long weekend, and Monday Germany celebrates its reunion day. Which is on the 3rd of October. Everyone gets to stay home, drink, eat, party... the usual.
But I... am going to paint.

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