20 August 2011

Zack Hemsey - Mind Heist

Think I watched Inception about 3 times now... probably because one of the characters pretty much caught my attention - made me think. And gosh is he tall, dark, handsome, sharp, a bit creepy, the most logical of the team, and the most skeptical.

Arthur, The Point Man.
Portrayed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Doesn't he resemble John Conor in Terminator 2?
Or like the late Heath Ledger (with shorter hair)?
What I do like a lot about Arthur though, is his stable mind.

Although some 'facts' in the movie aren't facts (like how time moves slower in dreams than in real life, which is not true), I find that the film itself is alright. Dreams are things that I do enjoy while sleeping.

Below is the awesome trailer music for Inception composed by Zack Hemsey.
I'm so addicted to this one. Can you feel it?


  1. He does look like Edward Furlong, but Joseph is a much better actor. Almost as good as Heath Ledger though.

    Seeing how you enjoy dreams so much, I can understand how this film appeals to you. And since you are a great artist, you'd make a great Ariadne.

  2. If I were in the team it'd be a little way too bloody :)