08 August 2011

Welcome to my workspace

Me hanging up some of my paintings.

My artworks from 2010. What a fun year it was.

A lot of floor-space to go crazy on.

Where it all happens.

Welcome to my working space

I have a little room in the attic that was used as a storage space. It is still partly used for storage but I've taken the rest of it and turned it into my own creative corner.

It was a fun process as I really wanted to get it set up as soon and as basically as possible and start working on my project.

I'm still not done with the room. I do need a shelf for my art supplies, a low table and an adjustable chair but I was so excited to start painting that I'd settle with what I have at least for these couple of days.

It feels good to have a space to make as much of a mess of as I want to and not worry about putting every single thing away when I'm done for the day. Coz this is where the fun is going to be at :D

Day by day!

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