09 August 2011

Singapore turns 46

Today is my home country's 46th independence day and they will be celebrating with a live parade in a couple of hours. The whole country is having a holidays and everyone will be watching.

I've only been to a parade once in the year 2000, or so. It was hot. I mean the weather. To just sit there in the open air watching the march, performances, light displays, projections and fireworks. The men in uniforms were probably the only things I found interesting - the navy, army, civil defense, and police.

The parade itself isn't the only thing that makes this day interesting.
They speak of pride, independence and freedom but it's not just about that. Before independence Singapore was just an island. Used and then abandoned with zero resources.
Lots of people say that Singapore couldn't have been the country it is now without Mr. Lee Kwan Yew (former President and present Minister Mentor) - the man who made her out of nothing. Singapore was his blank, worned out canvas and he restored it and put the right colours on it, even until today.

In someway, life there has been made to be almost ('almost') perfect.
Good enough for anyone. Believe me.
For me it was good, for a time. And then when too many people swarmed in like bees to honey, I just couldn't breathe anymore.

But I do miss my country. My ancestors wouldn't have made their journey from Malaysia and Indonesia into Singapore if it hadn't been one of the best places to live in. Being a multicultural and mutilingual country, I was raised in an environment where I am exposed to differences without learning to fear them.

Even though Singapore is where my roots are, and where I come from, I sometimes wish that it never had to be too systemized, too perfect, too clean, or too proud. And even though it sometimes suffocates to be there, I would still dream of coming back, dream of the food I once so savoured (which I have to miss a lot now), and long for the the familiar faces, places, sounds, and air which makes me feel safe.

Singapore's still so young. She got a long way to go.
So here's to more years to come.

Below are some interesting picutres of Singapore:

The Causeway: Distance between Singapore and Malaysia (background).
We once belonged together :P

The Singapore River.
It's not even a real river. Just a canal once used as a trading point.

Malay Village, Arab Street

China Town

Little India

Holland Village

You can't see her on the map unless you have a microscope.

Singapore's blood stream:
this is the train system that runs through the entire country.

Vivo City:
1.04 million square feet (96,600 square metres)
the largest shopping mall that Aaron probably got lost in when he was there.
Or was it in Suntec City?


  1. Actually I got lost in a few shopping malls on Orchard Road. And yeah, I almost got lost in Suntec. But not Vivo City, maybe I hadn't seen all of it yet. :P

    But I vow to go back there someday. I have to.

  2. Getting lost in Vivo City is a nightmare. Every corner looks the same, you'd think you're running in circles even when you're not.