10 August 2011

In my dreams: Drained of blood

I was in a medical room of some sort lined up with things that looked like dialysis machines. I saw other girls there and they were visions of my classmates from way back during my school days. I was a young girl again. Maybe 14.

We were told by the strange staff that our blood is to be cleansed. That we must lie down and remain very still until the process is complete.

I looked and saw no needles. Not like real dialysis machines would have. There was only a soft pad that is to be placed around the back of the neck. A special pad that 'somehow' extracts the blood.

I was scared but I was curious. So I did what the other girls did - I lay down on the cold medical bed and placed the pad carefully at the back of my neck. Like a pillow.

Then the machine turned on and I felt a gentle vibrating pull. It started to tingle. First my neck, then my head, then my chest and before long my entire body started to tingle.

I heard a girl somewhere scream. She was in pain.
I wanted to look but I couldn't move. "Pain?" I thought. "They didn't say anything about this being painful."
At this point I realized it was a dream, so I calmed down because I did not want my mind to simulate exactly what I am trying to avoid.

I could hardly open my eyes but I managed and then I looked down at myself curled up like a foetus. My body had turned so pale, white and dry. My muscles felt like stone. My skin looked so shriveled as though it could just flake off if I had blown on it.
"When is this going to end??"

And then I felt the pain coming. Ripping through my body like electricity. I tried not to scream. When I looked at the tubes I saw my blood in it. Dark purple blood.
Purple? Hm, something wasn't right. I knew again that this was just a dream.
"I'm getting my blood back now" I told myself convincingly.

Soon after I felt a warm rush coming from the back of my neck down to my toes. I heard my heart beat again. Breath, movement, and life in my veins again. It felt like a newborn.

I sat up in the dream and said: "What asshole invented this thing?"
Then I woke up and realized, ah, it was me. Haha.


  1. You knew it was a dream, so why didn't you wake up then? I thought the mind won't allow us to continue if we knew it wasn't real.

  2. I might have been lucid dreaming.