14 August 2011

13th August: a walk down cobblestone streets

It was like a dream: we saw a cat that looked a lot like Mohrle.

Perched on the warm roof of the car, watching the world go by.

It felt like she was there again...

Stretching a little... as we approach.

She came to us and said hi!
Michael fell in love. Aww...

A narrow street, so quiet on a weekend.
Or any day of the week, for that matter.

Alleys and things.

Outside the Mönchenhaus Museum for modern art.
I didn't really get this one.

Unintended shot: Cobblestone street, lookalike skirt.

I imagine, that many, many years ago, horse carriages travelled down this road.

Oh so bumpy... It was hard enough on foot.
So new to me.



  1. I love streets that look like that. It takes you back to that era.

  2. Totally :)
    Sometimes I wonder if this is all just a huge realistic film studio.