09 August 2011

08:13 this morning

I woke up to the sound of the wind rushing through the trees and the rain tapping on my windows. It's grey outside and this reminds me of winter.

So I'm back in our sweet little apartment, and it's been an okay week. I was once again put in a position where I am to make decisions I was not ready to make; there was a moment when I could only cry, let it all go, and then eventually stopped resisting.
When the time came, I simply made up my mind - whatever I knew was deserving.

On the day of my return I didn't hesitate to begin setting up a little space upstairs for art making. Micha helped to clear away some unused boxes and baggage and the moment I saw the space I had, I felt it all coming to me. A new painting (on canvas!) is also in progress since I could hardly wait. You may read all about this on my art blog soon.

So I've also been really glad too. If I didn't have so much school, I'd have endless time to just paint. It's still possible nowadays to squeeze it in between errands, and just keep it that way (and hold on until it's over). In 2 weeks I will be having some tests in school, and that is when my work-related language training starts too. My portal to a zombified lifetsyle awaits, which should be nothing I can't handle. :)

Time to seize the day.

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