19 July 2011

Just now

As long as the birds still sing, summer's still around.
We took a walk this morning but we didn't go too deep into the woods. It was only this clearing up on a hill with a nice view is a spot I like to be at once in awhile.

We're back in Göttingen after an hour's drive from Goslar. We'll be spending the next 2 weeks here. It's the beginning of the summer holidays, which means no school for awhile. It still means I got tons of revisions to do which I don't at all look forward to.

We arrived on Sunday, and the next day we had brunch at an indian restaurant/café in the city. The food was so good. It lacks chili on my part (for very good reasons), but we enjoyed it nontheless. I don't think I could survive this long only on cheese, buns and spaghetti. :)
After eating we did some shopping... we were in a pharmacy when I saw sleeping masks and accidentally read the label wrongly:

"Schlafmaske mit Kühlgelpad" (Sleeping mask with cool gel pad) it says on the front.
I read "Schlafmaske mit Kühlgefühl" (Sleeping mask with cool sensation).
Mentioned this in my previous post after we laughed about this for some time. I'll like this word.

That afternoon when we got home, I enjoyed the conversation that we had til sundown. In German. It's not just communication session, for me it was also serious practice. He told me I should teach him Malay some time. Oh, I thought he would never ask! Haha.
But he can already managed some words.
One day he told me he was cold. I asked him why, it's summer, and he told me in German-Malay, "Meine Decke ist kesian..." My blanket is kesian. In other words: My blanket's not good enough.
Haha. I couldn't stop laughing.

Earlier in the month (8th July) was our 6th anniversary. We didn't celebrate; we were just there in each other's arms - not letting go. We looked back at the hard times we've had to go through, the distance, not seeing each other for months and months in a row, and how we've grown into strong persons.
That night we visited the Schützen- und Volksfest in Goslar and watched the 3D fireworks display. Very nice.

So, more photos from today:


Clear, clear skies.

Windmill. Or something.

Weird plant that grows only a few centimeters and already has berries on it.

Schleiche (Anguidae):
Looks like a snake. Moves like a snake.
But actually a reptile.

The woods.

Where we saw the reptile thing.

The canopy.


  1. huh, somehow, you do look like a girl here