03 June 2011

Taste of home and the E. Coli outbreak in Germany

Greetings, my Lieblings!
It's a long weekend here in Germany and since Thursday I've had a well-deserved break. I didn't even know that there were holidays this week so it was a good surprise.

I've been out on walks, catching up on my reading, doing some research online (so much to print out and read), and eating. Cooking was fun. I made Nasi Lemak with Sambal Tumis and Telur Dadar (Coconutmilk Rice with sweet chili sauce and omelette) and Kari Ikan (Fish Curry) . I used Basmati Rice this time because normal rice here tastes like a mash-up between iron and plastic.

Sambal is the best thing in the world. It's not only popular in Southeast Asia, but also in some parts of Europe like Germany and the Netherlands. There's more on it on this Wikipedia article including a list of all known Sambals.
My Sambal Tumis however turned out really good but it looked really pathetic since I had to pound the chillis. And it wasn't good enough because you'd need a blender, which I don't have.
So... it tasted good but looked terrible.
But anyway, it was good enough that it sort of made me want more of home cooked stuff. I suddenly have the appetite to eat again.

Today I made Lauk Sardin (sardines cooked in tomato purée, with the exception that I used Herring instead of Sardine - tastes almost the same). I made it aromatic, sweet, spicy and also had it with Basmati rice. It was a very simple dish but it was the taste of home I have so longed.

In the past couple of days I've felt more energized because I ate like I always did back in SG.

The only problem lately is the E.Coli outbreak in Germany in the region I'm in.
We're being warned to avoid eating vegetables especially cucumbers, tomatoes and leafy greens. So I'm a little bummed at the moment since it's been days without a fresh bowl of salad.

After knowing that 17 people died from this, I didn't even know what I'm supposed to eat anymore.

So in the midst of the outbreak, we've been very careful with what we eat. No raw stuff unless we're sure that they're completely bacteria-free. But it's not like anyone can even tell.

My mum's worried - I just got her email today. She's wondering if I'm affected by this, and I'm afraid yes, I am. But I'd just have to wait it out and until then, I'm at least glad that I could still enjoy other kinds of food.

So, to those who are not in Europe (or in Germany), enjoy your fresh greens while you still can. I know what it's like when they're gone. Savour a tomato, snack on a cucumber, chew a goddamn celery because for all you know, right in this moment, you are so lucky to have them.

Lots of love from Germany.


  1. Do you have beans and lady's fingers over there? I love eating those, you can try that.

  2. I like my cooked veggie. Also, you eat?