24 June 2011

The Good in the Bad

Will someone take me away?
Holla if you're out there.


Almost a month after my German exam I received my DTZ Certificate today - which apparently proves that my German's good enough for me to get by. Man did this whole journey take sooooooooooooooo long... but I fucking nailed it. Wish I could express it to someone how happy I am.

The weather here has been insane indeed.
Like how I feel at the moment.
I've never in my life experienced rain, sunshine, rain, sunshine, rain, sunshine over and over and over again for no-idea-how-many-times a day. You get headaches from something like that. Seriously. Rain for 3-4 days straight is something I've gotten used to, but this indicisive kind of zig-zag weather is extraterrestrial (spelling?).

It was pretty bad yesterday when this storm pulled over the country. One minute I was on my way to school on foot, holding an umbrella on one hand and listening to 'Stay' by Hurts, and another minute it just started pouring elephants and dinosaurs with winds threatening to rip out roofs and trees. I was soaked - dripping wet - from neck to toe. My umbrella went from shelter to a beaten up item I should've abandoned. But I didn't since I thought I still had a chance to keep my head dry.

Once I was in school and safe from the storm, I had to take a breather.
I thought I was traumatised but I was actually beginning to develop a phobia of the water that was squishing about loudly in my shoes. I went straight to the restroom and dried myself off with tissues I ripped out of the dispenser.

It was a little better today, though it's been raining all the time.
I even got a ride home from one of my classmates, which was really cool :)

I think I'm gonna have to get myself a sturdier umbrella that can stand against psycho winds...

I'm also glad about the fact that Math is regrowing on me. And that I passed my first Biology test (geez). And that I got my hands on Owl City's newest record, which I only have one word for: adorable!
It's like the Evanescence of Pop and Electronica. And I love it.
I just love it when I can hear songs that's not about Romance but about Unconditional Love, not about Sexy-Mamas-I-Wanna-Fuck or How-I-kissed-a-girl-and-I-wish-my-boyfriend-could-join-in-too but about divine Connection and Affection and looking at life through the eyes of a child.
Genuine stuff that don't make me think of a bunch of monkeys that can't control themselves!

Gosh. It's like lullaby to me... even on days when people just want to say or do things that hurt me.

So, from today onwards the days will become shorter.
I actually calculated.
Yesterday, the 21st of June 2011, is the year's longest day in the northern atmosphere.

It sounds crazy but I can't wait til Fall and Winter :D

(Will someone take me away?
Holla if you're out there.)


  1. Hey, Knas here. :)

    Yeah... Constant rain and sunshine gives people headaches. I prefered if it rains all the way. I love the cool atmosphere.

  2. Hey you! :) Long time no see. Finally out of your grave!
    I'm so glad you found me again, haha. Hope all is well.