15 May 2011

(Stadtbibliothek) Library, Goslar

A short visit to the library here in Goslar last weekend was a very nice experience. It's located in the central part of town, in a building built in 1526!
At that time Singapore was just some sort of insignificant trading centre ruled by... no idea... every other royalty around the Malay Peninsula.
That's almost 300 years before Singapore was modernised by Sir Stamford Raffles.
And in Germany people were already building houses that stand for centuries. Insane.

If you look at the above-picture; where the dark brown door is, that's the building. Its features outside is being preserved, but inside, everything has been renovated to a modern feel. It was a former police station as I have heard from a local.

I was there with Michael to look for some books that would help with school. I found 4 different books on Math, German, Biology and History. I was also glad because I signed up as a member so that I can borrow! Yay.

I love libraries. :P
My rendezvous.

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