21 May 2011

Math, Biology and Exam-practice


So the day before yesterday I had Math, yesterday Biology, and today Exam-practice.

During Math, I had the strangest feeling. It was the subject I had never gotten along with. But only because back then I once had the worst Math teacher anyone could have, who rather picked on me because I never understood, instead of explained how this and that works.

She would rather mess with my mind, push me around, call me lazy, slow, stupid, and hopeless, instead of doing the one thing teachers do: fucking teach. The fact that I can still remember her face makes me want to curse her, her children, and her children's children. But... no... I won't do that because people like you and me are human therefore we don't stoop down to that level.

But during Math this time, as much as I was reminded by how stressful it used to be many years ago, I suddenly let it all go. This was now. And it's different. It's better. The teacher I have now is strict but obliging, which makes everything about Math a little better to look forward to.

Then I had Biology, which I found very interesting. The funny thing was only knowing the terms in English instead of German. That's another thing that'll take a little more work on my part. But then again, I never had Biology in school (as if any religious school would ever want to talk about science), so there I was sitting going 'Ooooo....'
And Intrigue is one thing that leads to Curiosity. So I'm glad I'll be doing my own research on this one too.

The only subject I don't have yet is Geography (including Human Geography). And this is one subject I've learned before and loved a lot. But the same obstacle stands in between: I'd have to redo it all in German. At least though, I'd already have a good idea of what it's all about.

In some way I'd have to weave myself into this complicated corner of my life and make myself feel at home for the next 12 months. I'm really curious how this is all going to turn out.

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