28 May 2011

I'm alive

Thursday, Friday and Saturday - German tests back-to-back - I got it all behind me now. I'm finished with everything I need to know about German. It's time now to put my knowledge to full use. I celebrated by drawing something with MS Paint using the mouse.

Here's what the past few days were like:

Thursday: Orientierungskurstest. 25 questions about Germany (be it historical or political) which I had to answer. 40 minutes was what I had but somehow nailed it in 20.

Friday: Deutschtest für Zuwanderer. German test for immigrants. 100 minutes of listening, reading and writing tests. I was so tense that day. I totally expected a lot of shit, because you can't really know. And shit always happens to me, so...
But it was surprising a test that was really fun to do. :)
The listening part was a little tricky, but I understood everything and managed to know the answers. The part for reading was interesting; there were many different given situations that I had to understand in order to answer the questions right. The final part, writing, was also cool. This was where I got to write a letter to an authority regarding a formal complaint.
When the test was over I was just happy.

Saturday: die mündliche Prüfung. The 15-minute oral test; in which I get to talk and show off my skills. Haha. I came to the exam centre (a.k.a. language school), sat in the waiting room with my other classmates, and my heart began to bang about inside me. But sooner or later I managed to calm down. I was just nervous coz for some reason I thought, hm... this isn't normal that something like a test goes so well for me up to now without any problems.
But when it was my turn to speak, I just spoke. And it's really hard to have to find the words in my head and then ripping them out in a fraction of a second without wasting too much time thinking.
When it was over I was relieved. I just wanted to go home and have my weekend.

I can finally relax a little before the new week.
And that's when school's the next main thing on my hectic list. And that one won't be over until April next year.
But until then, I'd be happy for a little while. I put in a lot of shit effort to learn German, you have no idea, and to be able to finally feel a little more secure here is such a reward. It's that privilege that most of us take advantage of - the ability to communicate like everyone else without language barrier. Ugh... how that took me so long.

So I started with the German courses in 2007, and finished in 2011. But the learning doesn't end.
I shall use and improve everything that I already know.

So how good is my German?
It's actually better than my Malay. Hahaha. It's so sad... but true.
I get the best feeling knowing that I can just talk to Michael in German on a daily basis as though it's something I'm used to. Or like once when we were in a grocery we noticed an old lady eavedropping on us while we were in the middle of a discussion. We were talking about carbohydrate and fat percentages on a pack of chips and the lady grinned since she found that amusing.
It was funny to me too but only because it's still new to me that others understand me when I speak.

Irgendwie hat es bei mir mit dem Deutsch geklappt. Wer hätte das gedacht?

I haven't spoken a word of English to anyone in 5 months.
Strange to think about it. But the language test is over, and I won't know how I did until about 6 weeks from now, so we'll just have to wait and see.


  1. If you need help with your Malay, I'm available.

  2. you're not going to remember english, or mandarin, soon.
    i'll stop talking to you then