23 May 2011

Hectic week

It was a tiring week. And next week's gonna be more hectic with 3 test papers from Thursday to Saturday. For the past 2 weeks I've been preparing for the integration test. This was a much-needed weekend. But I don't have all the time to myself yet.
7 different homeworks to get done, lots of reading to do, and tons of math to practice.
I'll manage.

For now I'm taking a break, just to let go a little. I realized that I've been too hard on myself.

Having 2 new songs on my MP3 player is something to feel good about.
To see bits and pieces of Evanescence in the studio recording their new album was also a bit of a relief. Good thing Twitter's around. The new record is to be expected in Fall 2011, but when it'll be distributed in Germany is another story.

Then I got my hands on an eBook filled with more than 200 pages of German short stories, which I will need for school. It's my own little way of getting (a tiny) step ahead of class when I could already read the texts at home first before the teacher hands it out to us.

The 30-minute walks in the evening to and from school leaves me enough time to wind down. It will be comfortable for the rest of summer, but I do miss the winter and once it's there again I'd enjoy my walks in the darkness just as much.

Yesterday while I was waiting in line at the grocery cashier, there was a toddler in front of me sitting in the shopping trolley. He was around a year old, with tiny wide eyes, baby-blue clothes, and bright green baby socks. He was looking at me, smiling, waving, calling to me, and focused the entire time on me as if I were a bright TV screen. He never stopped smiling!
I was infatuated with the child myself. Haha.
Michael was there, amused, and he couldn't believe that the kid was totally into me. I shrugged and said that I tend to have that effect on toddlers. It was the sweetest thing anyone could ever see in such a hectic week. It reminded me of my days as a kindergarten relief teacher.
A very good reminder.

The weather here has been what anyone would call 'perfect'. The sun's always out and the day is very long. And the insects fly. Oh how they can really fly... they fly into my eyes - those fine, tiny, transparent blue ones. Or to my ears like the huge flies that always have no idea where they are. And the wasps that like to accompany me when I hang the laundry. And the bees that somehow just decide to enjoy dying in the attic, leaving me to remove their remains from the floor.
This is summer. It's interesting, really.

I've decorated my living room with pictures on the walls, and saved a corner for a large-enough table to work my ass off at. My corner. I've been spending my afternoons here since a week ago, and so it will be for a little while.

I hope that after next week things'll be a little less chaotic. It really feels like being back in 2002, when I first started my blog on Diaryland.com writing about school and all that crap. Haha. Okay. Time to get back to work. Just one more week and I can breathe a little.


  1. The camera loves you. Probably as much as that kid ;)

  2. That kid just wants to hook up with you

  3. I'd love to hook up with that kid.