12 April 2011

Spring is here

These days I've been sleeping well and I can finally forget about the heater. It's warm again, at least enough for me to feel my hands and feet.

The winter though, was a tad bit too short. I think. I haven't had enough of the snow yet. Or my warm knitted wool mittens. Over the weekend I put away the heavy winter stuff - my combat-boots-lookalike winter boots, my wool coat, my ear muffs, and scarves. I'll miss them for now.

I could go out today without a jacket. Michael said it was a weird thing for him to go without one. But for me, this was what's normal. I still remember - Singapore. It's around 32°C there at this time of the year. My mum told me how the clothes dry faster now that the monsoon rains are over. But it's very hot.

My windows are still open, although it's almost midnight as I'm writing this. Great.
I look forward, soon, to my maxi dress, sandals, and everything I used to wear in Singapore. Haha. But here, one has to always keep a jacket nearby because you never know when the temperature can just drop by 10 degrees. And oh yes it can - here.

In two months I'll have 2 tests in school, both of which I have to pass. In the next weeks I'll be learning more about Germany's history, politics and laws. Just an overview since this is what I have to do to live here. I'll be glad once it's over. I'd love to once again have the time to update my blogs.

Now that I am being attacked my a moth that just flew into the living room to go into the light, I have to go run and hide. I hate small things that can fly... bees, cockroaches, wasps.... gross. I keep imagining them fly into my ears.

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